Beach Kids Bedroom Ideas!

So many of our little bundles love to spend time at the beach, or are obsessed with the ocean. I know we are!

Whether it's the sand castles, marine life, or the waves, it's all fun and amazing.

We have noted a few ideas on ways to decorate your child's nursery/bedroom with a nautical or beach theme that will make them smile and remember their lovely time in the water.

Sometimes the smallest touches and finishes make the room and what's

better than colourful illustrations?

Being based in Byron Bay, Australia, we adore the beach and see the sandy, barefoot children who love it as well. Nothing like the post-beach shower and sleep to dream about the day, letting the imagination run wild..

P.S. Don't forget you can find our illustrations on this site or on our Etsy! (

Love always,

- Cherimoya Art Team.

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